Kaepernick Protest Collection

The Resistance has a new, and powerful voice that doesn’t leave any room for interpretation. The BLAIRISMS design team has collaborated with up-and-coming graphic artist Natalia B. to give protest gear a whole new identity. 

When Colin Kaepernick took a knee to protest the hypocrisy of the American justice system, and the unfair treatment of Black and Brown people, he sparked a debate about patriotism, free speech, and what it means to truly be an American. That moment and the following unjust policies from the NFL make it more pertinent than ever before for people to take a stand. As Dr. King said, “There is no neutral ground in times of moral conflict...” and the BLAIRISMS is doing what they do best: helping everyone “Say it wit’ ya chest!”


Natalia B. is a member of a family that personifies Black Excellence. She is the the daughter of Glenn Braggs, member of the 1990 Cincinnati Reds, World Series Championship team, and Cindy Herron-Braggs, member of the iconic, award winning girl group, En Vogue. Her talent clearly shines in the art that was inspired by Blair’s vision and her personal interpretation of Kaepernick’s protest and the RESISTANCE movement.

The design is chilling, inspiring, and the source of reflection and courage that activism requires of us all. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of this design will go to various activism organizations including The Trayvon Martin Foundation and Kaepernick’s Million Dollar Pledge. 


"It feels surreal to be part of a movement that is so relevant and so monumental in our modern society! I always knew that I wanted to make art that others could relate to and appreciate, but never had I imagined that I would be given the opportunity to reach such a wide audience and help make a powerful statement about the relentless racial injustices against black citizens in America. In the process of creating the Kaepernick artwork, I really learned a lot and I am very appreciative of the constant patience and support that I’ve received along the way. Always and forever, I will be grateful for this opportunity to work with Blair and help him to bring his vision to reality! ✊✊✊"
-Natalia B.

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