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Born October 6, 1942 in Oakland, TN, Doris Jean Castle was an integral member of the Congress Of Racial Equality, an activist, and key organizer of the civil rights movement across New Orleans in the early 60’s. Even though she was a teenager, Jean, as her family knew her, led and participated in sit-ins, protests and was a Freedom Rider alongside her brother-in-law Richard Haley. Jean was the backbone and the support behind the civil rights movement in New Orleans, and particularly, her sister Oretha Castle Haley.
Together Jean and Oretha fundraised, organized, and led marches across New Orleans to push the city into a new era, an age without segregation, discrimination and social injustice. 
With activism in their blood as the granddaughters of the plaintiff in the court case to integrate Charity Hospital, Jean and Oretha had no option but to join the fight for justice.
Using their home at 917 N. Tonti St and the famed Dooky Chase restaurant, conveniently located around the corner, as one of their organizing headquarters, Jean and Oretha became powerful leaders in the New Orleans movement and changed the city for the better.
This collection is inspired by their sacrifice, hard work and commitment to the fight for equality. It is a reminder that action is required even if it is a single action, like RESIST or MARCH. 

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