From a Single Workshop to Serving Students Nationwide

PeerForward’s mission is to unleash the power of positive peer influence to transform the lives of youth living in low-income communities by connecting them to college and careers. Formerly known as College Summit, we began as a single workshop in the basement of a Washington, D.C. community center. The goal was to help students capture their stories in personal essays that could be used for college applications. From that single workshop, more than two decades ago, founders J.B. Schramm, Keith Frome, and Derek Canty built a national organization that has guided more than 350,000 students across the nation to higher education.


Unleashing the Power of Peers

Our name has changed from College Summit to PeerForward; our mission and values remain the same. We believe in the power of positive peer influence to drive more students to and through college. Our founders saw the spark between peers at that very first workshop. For more than two decades, we have honed a method for capturing, structuring, and leveraging the power of peer influence to motivate students to plan for, apply to, and succeed in higher education.  No other college access program so powerfully taps this resource found in every high school in America.