26 Things You Can Do Instead of Watching the NFL

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26 Things You Can Do Instead of Watching the NFL

There are officially 26 weeks until the next Super Bowl, which will signify the end of another tournament of testosterone. Football is an American pastime and it consumes hours, days, weeks and years of peoples lives. It has even taken years off of people’s lives, as only repeated blunt force head trauma can.


The amount of genius that is spent dissecting the statistics of each player and coach, all the way down to how the field, weather and wind speed will affect the spin on the ball, could be used solving the worlds problems. Or at least making an attempt to steer it in the right direction.


With there being 26 whole weeks until the Super Bowl, and you may be thinking to yourself: “Self, what can I do to remain committed to social justice and not support toxic pastimes and institutions?”


Well, here’s a list of 26 things you can do each week to pass the entire football season and you’ll get all the warm and fuzzies inside for being a good person!!


  1. Teach the babies
  2. Go for a walk
  3. Play double Dutch 
  4. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  5. Complete a crossword puzzle
  6. Meal prep for the week
  7. Go to therapy.
  8. Watch Pose!
  9. Think of ways to use your privileges/resources to help someone in your life
  10. Moisturize
  11. Shop the Blairisms.com
  12. Make a vision board
  13. Clean your ears with a Q-Tip
  14. Ask someone you love how they’re feeling and what they need.
  15. Challenge yourself to start/stop something you know you should/shouldn’t be doing.
  16. Write a Journal entry 
  17. Teach the babies some more!
  18. Meditate 
  19. Host a 13th watch party
  20. Tell someone “I love you.”
  21. Make a phone call you know you should have made a long time ago
  22. Start writing your memoirs
  23. Clean out your closet and donate everything you can
  24. Ask an elder to tell a story
  25. Write a letter to your local and state representatives about what you want changed in your community 
  26. Make sure you’re registered to vote! And that everyone you know is registered to vote! November 6th!!

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  • Jason Sloan

    All the things I would get distracted with when I did actually like the NFL…

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