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The problem is that Jay-Z, no matter what his title is or how much money the NFL pays him, or how much of that money he in-turn invests back into the NFL to become a part owner of any team, will NEVER convince Jerry Jones, or Bob McNair, or Robert Kraft to come on over to the side of justice and equality.

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There are officially 26 weeks until the next Super Bowl, which will signify the end of another tournament of testosterone. Football is an American pastime and it consumes hours, days, weeks and years of peoples lives. It has even taken years off of people’s lives, as only repeated blunt force head trauma can.   The amount of genius that is spent dissecting the statistics of each player and coach, all the way down to how the field, weather and wind speed will affect the spin on the ball, could be used solving the worlds problems. Or at least making an...

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